Catie Giarra is a trained DBT therapist on the DBT of South Jersey team.

Catie Giarra is a trained DBT therapist on the DBT of South Jersey team.

Catie Giarra


I wanted to be a therapist because I wanted to help people.  I longed to create a space where people felt understood and accepted.  I have found that being a therapist allows me to do this everyday.  Therapy is a chance for you to explore ideas, face fears and most importantly to be reassured that you are not alone.  

I obtained my Master of Social Work at Loyola University Chicago and worked in Chicago for a few years before returning to my home state of New Jersey.   Throughout the past 7 years of providing therapy to adolescents and adults I have learned that establishing a trusting relationship with my clients and teaching coping skills are equally essential for growth.  This is why I love DBT.  It does just this - provides a perfect balance of change and acceptance.  And isn’t this so true about life?  It is a constant balancing act!  There are times when we need to rest and times when we need to work.  DBT equips people with tools for living a full life.  Life is hard, but with DBT my clients have learned to move into a life filled with hope.

In 2015 I received core DBT training with Dr. Esssie Larsson.  For the past two years I have been working in a Women’s Trauma and DBT program at a local hospital treatment center where I am witnessing how DBT can transform a life of suffering into a life worth living.   I have noticed many clients returning to the treatment center due to a lack of DBT services in this area.  I am excited to be part of a team that can start to change this trend and provide the community with more resources to help people build a full, happy life.