Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)

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Compassion: The acknowledgement of suffering, with a desire to cease the suffering.

Compassion focused therapy is an evidenced based practice built on principles of mindfulness, neuroscience, cognitive behavioral therapy and Buddhist psychology. Originally developed by Dr. Paul Gilbert, this therapy is aimed at helping us to quiet our inner critic, reduce problematic thinking and to soothe emotions of anxiety, shame, depression and other problematic emotions.  Clients who find themselves utilizing CFT are generally struggling with the previously mentioned emotions, in addition to perfectionism, self-criticism, post traumatic stress and an overall feeling that they are not enough.  A therapy that targets not only the way that we think, but also how we respond to ourselves.

CFT helps us to recognize our own self worth, and increase feelings of compassion towards others and ourselves. Through awareness exercises, meditation practice and compassionate mind training, clients who undergo CFT find that they are able to increase positive emotions and improve one of the most important relationships they have neglected; the relationship with self.

CFT can serve as a stand alone treatment, or in addition to DBT.  Since CFT techniques and principles blend well with DBT, this treatment is a wonderful option for clients in stages 2-4 of DBT. Clients with interest in only CFT can schedule an intake appointment and be assessed to ensure this therapy is the right fit for you.