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Flying With DBT: Mindfulness as a Practical Skill of Life

Often we don't think that mindfulness is a practical skill. Many people still believe that mindfulness must look like a more formal meditation practice, but I've found that everyday mindfulness makes a difference in big and not-so-big ways. 

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Politics and Mindfulness: Reflections on a Forgotten Skill Set

I don’t know about you but my head space over these last couple of months has been dominated by all things politics. At work with clients and coworkers, at home with friends and family members, even at yoga waiting for class to begin. It seems like every corner I turn, it’s waiting for me, like the (hopefully less permanent but equally unsettling) Grim Reaper.

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Permission to Rest

An ongoing struggle of mine is giving myself permission to rest without guilt. Doing nothing strangely involves much work and it feels easy to see why I'm driven to constantly be moving. Earlier this week in graduate group, the topic of non-doing came up. It seems that a judgement would surface when the skill to practice in the situation was to simply observe. Even as I write this blog, I notice judgements of the simplicity of the teaching.

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