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Riding the Wave of all the Guilty Feels

In the past I let my feelings of guilt, when justified or unjustified, control my thoughts and behaviors.  If I didn't attend every event that I was invited to, I felt guilty.  If I said something that hurt someone's feelings without any intention to hurt them, I felt guilty.  If I wanted to go to the movies with my friends and my family was going out to dinner, I felt guilty.  If I said I would complete a task for someone and I let them down, I felt guilty.

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Politics and Mindfulness: Reflections on a Forgotten Skill Set

I don’t know about you but my head space over these last couple of months has been dominated by all things politics. At work with clients and coworkers, at home with friends and family members, even at yoga waiting for class to begin. It seems like every corner I turn, it’s waiting for me, like the (hopefully less permanent but equally unsettling) Grim Reaper.

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Opposite Action: Getting My Insides to Match My Outsides

Text from Shaelene: “Are you up for writing a blog for the website in December?”  Judgments start to get loud “Me?? Blog?  What am I going to write about?”  Memories start to surface of staring at a blank word document the night before a 10-page paper was due.   I really do not like writing.  I paused, took a step back and tuned into my current thoughts.  I began to observe all of my judgments and check the facts.

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