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All Of The Things That Did Not Happen In 2018

Wiping the dust off of this blog and realizing this will be the first (and likely only) post of 2018. I’m okay with it though. My motto of the year has been “DBT of South Jersey, we strive for imperfection!”-and isn’t that the truth?!

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How Many Skills Does It Take?

Recently I completed a course of physical therapy on my left wrist, which had developed arthritis, a cyst, and a malformed ligament.  I broke my left wrist ice skating with my boyfriend when I was 19 years old, during a cold Iowa and Minnesota winter while on a concert band tour.  I don’t even want to tell you what year that was.

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Flying With DBT: Mindfulness as a Practical Skill of Life

Often we don't think that mindfulness is a practical skill. Many people still believe that mindfulness must look like a more formal meditation practice, but I've found that everyday mindfulness makes a difference in big and not-so-big ways. 

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